Make Windows XP looks like Ubuntu Linux

Recently, I’m crazy of Ubuntu Linux – although I haven’t successfully install it to my computer. Then, I was thinking, how about changing the look of my Windows XP desktop to look like a Ubuntu Linux’s desktop? Because what I like most about Ubuntu Linux, is its interface! Google a while, and I found a tutorial from Manas’ blog. A very well-done tutorial is written there.

I am not going to show the tutorial here, as you can find the complete and updated tutorial from the original author (click here) All credits go to the person who created all the lovely styles and of course the author of the tutorial.

This is what my desktop looks like now, after the customization:
My orange desktop with big big icons <3
desktop Firefox Ubuntu Linux theme & customized icons
firefox & icons Customized Windows shadow & Live Messenger windows
windows shadowTry it yourself! It’s fun ^^

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  1. You’re welcome. I personally very like my current desktop theme. It feels great to share things that I like to all of you. =)

  2. Nice look … 😉

    You can use Pidgin to make the look even more complete. Also make the icons either 32*32 or 48*48, else they appear blurry.

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