Ubuntu Linux: What & Why?

Previously, I’ve said that I wanted to learn Ubuntu Linux. I’m totally a newbie with Linux operating system. Therefore, I think it is important for me to start from the very beginning with the question ‘What’ and ‘Why’. So, I will blog along my way during the process of learning Ubuntu.

After reading a few articles available from the net, I came up with a conclusion for beginners like me. Before we look into Ubuntu, there are 3 keywords we need to know: GNU, Debian and Gnome.

GNU – Computer operating system composed entirely of free software. Linux is developed based on the GNU Project, thus, it is also known as GNU/Linux.

Debian – The Debian Project is an association of individuals creating free operating system. The operating system that created by the Debian Project is simply known as Debian.

Gnome – The Gnome Project is a free software that provides an attractive desktop environment for building applications that integrate into the rest of the desktop.

Both Debian project and Gnome project are under the GNU project. And Ubuntu is one of the many distributions of open source Linux operating system.

What is Ubuntu actually? It is one of Linux distributions such as Mandriva, Fedora Core, Gentoo and many other more…

Ubuntu – Ancient African Word
It’s an ancient African word from the South Africa Nguni language family, which bears the meaning of “Humanity to others“.

Why not other Linux distro but Ubuntu? This is because it is a free Debian derivative with support options for the enterprise. As we know, Linux does offer paid version for enterprise usage. So, with the combination of Debian and Gnome, you have Ubuntu – with an attractive interface and powerful applications available for its users.

Here is a quote from PCMech:

• It’s 100% free and always will be
Ÿ• Thousands of applications are immediately avaliable
and 100% free
• No more virus, spyware, or malware hassles!
• You want to learn something new
• It’s cool
• Why not?

So, if you agree with one of the above reasons, or simply just like me, want to learn new things, you should download a copy of Ubuntu today.

Download from Ubuntu.com.
Get free Ubuntu CD here.

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