I don’t know if this is a wise decision, but I finally signed up for Advertlets. I’ve seen LiewCF saying that he dropped this program, and seen AhPek talking about he’d done with Google Adsense. So, I was struggling weather to add in more bunga (meaning flower, or in a more proper way – fancy stuff) to my blog.

Why you see all advertisement programs all around blogs nowadays? Because that’s one of the sources where bloggers get paid – extra incomes for amateurs; one of the main income for probloggers. Anyway, registering to Advertlets is FREE. If this program really works, I’ll get paid at the end, else do no harm. For those of you who disable javascripts, you might not be able to view all “annoying” ads. So, you know, if you wanna help me..well, can’t say much about “helping” me as it’s against the program rules and regulations.

Anyway, if you are also interested in online making money, Advertlets is one of them. Check it out here!

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