Level 23!!

An aura suddenly appeared around me, oh yes!!!! I finally up 1 level!! That makes me level 23. Wow, what a hard-to-gain experience. It takes 365 days to up 1 level – approximately 3~4 days to up 1% out of 100% experiences. So, a celebration for this special day is better than anything. It will be just an ordinary day like any other days if my Orange never walked into my life. He made my life fill with different colors, and still filling with lots of love. Life is something different since then. And for the celebration of my level up, he bought me some goodies. I said I hadn’t eaten cake for a long time, he bought me a cake. He knows I love Kuma-Kuma (the cute green turtle), he bought another 2 more baby Kumas for me. He has become my everything. ^^ I’m so addicted to him.

As for others, they sent their regards via different media – MSN messenger, forum, blog, Friendster, SMS, presents, cards… Flattered…

Thank you very much. Now that I’m already level 23, I have some skill points to be added later. Erm…yea I added some points on the Replacing CPU Power Supply skill. I remember I got some help from friends to replace my power supply back that time when my power supply hangus (burnt). And now, this very morning, I fixed and replaced the power supply for one of the computers in my office, with my own hands. ^^ See? Gain practical skills straight away after level up. (Geez..too much into game, is that what you think? =P)

Okay, now wanna share the gifts and regards I received yesterday…

:: A birthday cake bought by Orange ::

:: Make a wish, and off you blow! Fffuuuuhhhh~ ::

:: We had a very sweet & special dinner ::

:: My favorite Misu Cake, that was my breakfast for this morning ::

:: Kuma-Kuma tissue box & card from Cherry, baby Kuma-Kuma from Orange, Birthday card and the cute yellow guy from Clement – my best friend, shinny earrings from my new God sis and shinny hair clip from my colleague ::

:: Special greetings with Kuma-Kuma drawing from my God sis, Nana ::

:: Special greetings via MSN messenger from Calvin, my “brother-in-law” ::

Lastly, a picture of me and Orange posting at the same location where we took our photo last year when I was level 22.

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  1. You know u play too much mmorpg If i blog like this girl did. Wad level up la wad wad. Btw i still want to eat the cake. still got some ma…keke. Happy 23rd Levels.

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