Make Your Own Sushi

Sushi, one of my favorite food. However, it can be considered a luxurious meal if we were to dine outside some sushi restaurants. How about making your own sushi at home?? Although it may not be as perfect as those professionals, yet we still can make some almost-taste-like-pro-sushis, if we can get the correct ingredients with some experiences and practices.Today, I’m gonna share how I made my own sushi. This is neither the best tutorial nor the only way to make your own sushi at home.

1. Rice
2. White Vinegar
3. Sugar
4. Carrot
5. Cucumber
6. Crab Stick
7. Dried Seaweed
8. Mayonnaise

1. Rice Cooker
2. Pot (optional)
3. Bowl
3. Bamboo Mat
4. Spoon
5. Bread spreader
6. Scissors
7. Knife

1. Cook rice
Use a rice cooker to cook the rice, so that you won’t have to worry about over-cooking it.

2. Mixing
This is the most important part as this determines whether your sushi taste good or not. Get a bowl (preferable bigger one), mix the vinegar and sugar, stir it to make sure the sugar melts. This can be speed up by using a pot with the fire on the stock. The amount of vinegar and sugar needed much depends on the amount of the rice, make sure to taste the vinegar-sugar mixture before mixing with the cooked rice.

3. Seaweed & other ingredients
While waiting for the rice to be cooked, you can prepare the ingredients. Cut the dried seaweed into half a size if you want to make a smaller sushi roll. Cut the carrot, cucumber and crab stick into the form of sticks. You would like to marinate both carrot and cucumber with the mixture of vinegar and sugar.

4. Spread
Once the rice is ready, mix it with the vinegar-sugar mixture and leave it aside to cool down (so that it won’t be too sticky and hard to make your sushi roll later) Lay the bamboo mat nicely and put the dried seaweed on top. Use a spoon or spreader to distribute the rice on top of the seaweed (Picture (1)), then spread some mayonnaise on top of the rice (Picture (2)). After that, add in the ingredients, not too middle of the seaweed.

5. Rolling
Now, you can start rolling your sushi cautiously, with the support of the bamboo mat. After you have rolled till the end, if the seaweed doesn’t stick to seal up, you may add a little vinegar, in the act of a “glue”, to the seaweed to seal the sushi roll. (Picture (4)) After finish rolling, you may want to slightly apply a little pressure towards the roll with the bamboo mat to make the sushi roll firm up. (something like squeezing it gently with the bamboo mat to shape it)

6. Cutting
This is actually up to you. If you want to serve the sushi in the form of roll, you may just eat it. Or you may slice it with the thickness you want. Lastly, serve with wasabi & Japanese sauce if you want it.

– Don’t apply the rice to the seaweed straight away after it is cooked, to avoid extreme stickiness.
– You can actually add in any kind of ingredients of your choice. Eggs, tuna, sardins is some of the alternatives.
– You can buy a bamboo mat from supermarket, else you can use clear plastic warp (保鲜膜) as a replacement.
– Leave the sushi rolls for few minutes (you can put inside the fridge) before cutting it.

That’s how I made my own sushi and had it for lunch today.
Have fun, try making your own sushi with just 6 easy steps ^^
Gambate o~

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