The Greatest Christmas Gift

For the first time, I bought myself a Christmas gift. It is also the most expensive thing that I ever bought for myself, or anyone else. I just can’t believe that I fulfill one of my Christmas Wishlist, although it’s not as high as 12.1 megapixels. It’s still the greatest gift.

Sony! After all these while, I’ve chosen Sony to fulfill my desire.

What’s inside the bag? Yea…..That’s right! You see the word “Cyber-shot”.

Open up and now you see….

A Blue Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T2!!!

I’ve been dreaming to own a better digital camera…

Now, I can take photos and preview in a wider touch-screen LCD~

This “limited edition” package comes with some merchandise such as keychain, hanger…and an ODM blue watch. All in blue to match the blue theme.

If you think I bought this camera at the price of RM1,388 is expensive, I still think it’s worth it. Because when it’s a new product of Sony, I already own it. I’m not pro photographer. I take photos most of the time is just for blogging purpose. So, this is definitely a good model for me.

All the things included in the package.

I was given a planner and a leather pouch which worth RM125.

The above photos were all taken by my old Canon IXUS 300. And this is the first shot I took using Sony Cyber-shot T-2.

Dear Canon IXUS 300, thanks for accompanying me all this year in my blogging journey.

Another shot using DSC-T2.

I love this..extreme macro.

So that’s what I bought for myself. ^^

Have you buy anything for yourself this Christmas?

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  1. Iyo… new camera! So nice 🙂 1.3K is reasonable. I bought my Sony T-100 at 1.5K… that camera definitely your best companion now 🙂 “kolian” your IXUS… 😉

  2. @LeeChien,
    Thanks…that’s my hard earn money..

    I’ve wanted a digital camera of my own for such a long time already. Finally got it, very happy.

    hmm..Your Canon model should be better one. My Canon IXUS 300 is around 4 to 5 years old already.

    I’ve been stingy to myself for quite sometime I’m happy with the camera ^^

    oh~ what did your hubby buy for you?

    Thanks. Yes, it’s very sharp. The last 3 photos were taken by DSC-T2.

    I would love to get a DSLR but firstly, I’m not good in photography, secondly I can’t afford such an investment…hehe, yup it’s the one with the “Smile shutter” function.

    I’ve been thinking for a very long time on choosing a brand…at last, still get Sony. LOL

    @Chee Hoe,
    yup, but your present is more expensive ^^

    Comparing to my old Canon, this is definitely nicer. By the way, the Canon IXUS 300 was given by my dad, hence a 2nd hand one. It’s a bit pity for it, but still it can be put in good use by Cherry, my sister, for her blog.

    Yup, I heard about it from Cherry yesterday, about your digital camera. Nowadays tech stuff is getting cheaper with better’s so hard to catch up with it. My old Canon was RM1000++ when it first being introduced in the market, only 3.1 megapixel…

  3. wah!! So wonderful. Where you bought your camera? I’m thinking of getting a camera for myself.
    All these while i’m only using N80..
    Have fun with ur new sony cam

  4. @wombok,
    Frankly speaking, I haven’t try that function yet. I even forget where to activate it, need to refer to the user manual. hehe

    Thank you. I also think quite worth it. ^^

    Belated Merry Christmas. Sure, will be careful of the touch screen. ^^

  5. @hp84,
    Yea, hopefully Sony won’t disappoint me. 😉

    Thanks..haha, yea, a very good blogging “weapon”.
    Happy New Year.

    Big screen also means nicer price. 😛

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