Cute Apple

Many weeks ago, I received something from LeeChien. It was really a surprise because I never expect her to send me something. Very cute of her to make her own “envelop” with both my name and her name printed on top. A small and cute apple sticker is on the right corner too!

What did LeeChien give me?  An apple?

Let’s zoom out a little…cute right? It’s a coaster!!

I was like “eeeeeeeeeeeee…….” when I first saw this cute apple coaster.

This is the front view.

And this is the back view.

It’s really sweet of her to give me such cute present! Thanks, LeeChien. I love this apple coaster very much ^^

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  1. hahahaha… glad that you like it, hahaha.. i’m so worry the shape will change, you know la, postman, hahaha….

    your readers like it alot as well oh, hahaha…. but i found only apple, no other fruits liao, hahaha…

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