Food Paradise

Kuching is no doubt a food paradise. If you want to have a mouthful of delicious food yet cheap in price, forget about expensive restaurants, forget about Food Bazaar. It’s just few miles away from the city center. This place is a commercial area located in Jalan Song, just opposite the Taman Sahabat (park, 马中公园).

It’s a nice place for a delicious and cheap dinner. You can choose what food you want from many different food stalls.

Now, it’s not only during Kuching food festival that you get to eat the Taiwan sausages.

Sizzling sausages and fat BBQ pork.

I discovered a new delight — Fried Tang Yuan. Normally, Tang Yuan is served with soup…you gotta try the fried version. Many flavors to choose.

How can I not try? So I ordered some.

I love it, especially those with butter fillings and black sesame fillings.

Pork fans~

Cheap food, but now almost everything increase price. A plate of Salad Chicken Rice rise price from RM3.00 to RM3.50, and now RM4.00!! (This is so far the most expensive Salad Chicken Rice I have eaten in Kuching)

Never heard of pork burger, right? Try this..

I forget how it taste like, because I just ate one bite.

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  1. have you tried the old couple’s stall from China? the one selling grilled brinjal? very nice …

    the jalan song food stalls are frequented because of the VCD/DVD peddlars. i popped by last x’mas and was surprise to see one shop (all red interior) even dare to sell porn movies off the shelves!!!

  2. @headsteadi,
    Oh, izzit? I always walk pass and never try it out. Will go try it out next time. Thanks for recommending.

    And yea, they really dare to sell those things in public. The all red interior VCD/DVD shop even open a branch in the city, somewhere near Crowne Plaza, Riverside.

    lol, I’m also getting hungry, half and hour before lunch time.

  3. i feel hungry now… after reading ur post… in fact i just back from lunch!!! so u should be responsible for tat.. treat me next time at least a kolo mee when i go kuching… haha

  4. @LeeChien, can enjoy all these when you are back! Maybe we go together..haha

    Like this “die lu~” later you become ah pek, fat fat.

    LOL, after lunch still hungry after reading my post? If you ever come here, treat you kolo mee not a problem lar..hehe

  5. [SilverIsle] yup.. you should be proud to have been there.. *LOL* Tons of foods there. I always have probs of what to eat..

    [Apple] I think the food is not as nice as your pics.. *LOL* Your pics food more delicious.. HAHAHA… I’m always there for DVDs.. haha…

  6. @daniel,
    I think the first thing that you gotta eat when you come back is Kolo mee, then is Laksa. kekeke. Those China DVD sellers? Should be earning like hell..haha

    LOL. That place is always crowded at night. Sometimes so hard to find car park.

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