Kuma-Kuma Handphone Accessories

I’m so crazy about Kuma-Kuma, the cute green turtle (which is was also my blog theme layout). While shopping for Love-chan, I saw my favorite Kuma-Kuma!!

Recently, I have bought 2 Kuma-Kuma handphone accessories from different shop as part of my Kuma-Kuma collection.

This is the Kuma-Kuma handphone casing. It has furry texture. Cute? This cost me RM5.90.

A zoom in view of the Kuma-Kuma design. Simple stitch can already be so cute!

Another Kuma-Kuma handphone accessory which I never see in other places around my area is this….

Cute Kuma-Kuma handphone cushion / stand, for you to place your handphone.

So this is my Kuma-Kuma handphone accessory. Do you still remeber the Kuma-Kuma speaker behind?

I love these accessories so much that I dare not use the Kuma-Kuma handphone casing, fearing that it will turn black after use.

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11 Replies to “Kuma-Kuma Handphone Accessories”

  1. @remblue,
    Thanks! Haha..Kumi sounds girlish indeed.

    Try to look around the stall located in shopping complex. I believe Mid Valley also have a lot of stall selling cute stuff like this.

  2. i love kuma very much..
    but i din have the handphone casing,n the handbrek cover..
    can tel me wher can get in kuching??

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