My New Baby: Canon G11

This coming 31st, my new baby will be 2 months old! Can you imagine how “busy” and “lazy” I was to blog about anything?! Felt so sorry for myself for not blogging for such a long time. I don’t care if there’s any readers around reading this blog (I know there are few loyal readers who are anticipating new posts from me – thanks ^_^ ), I just wanna blog about it and keep it as a record for future reference.

I had been dreaming to get a G11 for months!! Why G11? Perhaps you can read a review from Digital Photography School.

Dad even offered to get me a G11 for my birthday gift. But I turned the offer down, just because I felt kinda bad if Dad were to get such an expensive gift for me. But, Orange somehow gave me a surprise on 31st of August 2010.31st of August has become a memorable date for me! No, it’s not because of the National Day (31st August is Malaysia’s national day). It marks the birth of my new baby ^__^

This is one expensive baby. Cost around RM1,700.

It was a Tuesday night. I went to visit Orange. He took out a paper bag from his bag and handed to me, telling me that someone had asked him to pass it to me. When I saw it was G11, no doubt that the someone must be he himself!! No one on earth would give me this thing for free.

I was so touched and I shed tears. I couldn’t hold back my tears of joy and of course feeling heart pain for the money that Orange had spent on this camera, just for me.

Cherry had Canon IXUS 130 few months before I had G11. And more crazy, Dad bought her an 550D!! Her first DSLR!! So here, we have a Canon family consist of 3 cameras.

Picture quality taken by G11, no doubt, is nice. Good enough for a semi-pro.

Never mind about the video capturing quality, I rarely take videos. If you love to take videos, you may consider getting a G12.

I love the LCD monitor which is flexible and you can rotate it.

Yea, a 180 degree rotation. Good for camwhoring.

And that’s the reason why recently I took a lot of vain photos. If you follow me in Facebook, you should have seen most of those photos. If you haven’t, don’t worry because I’ll show you some right here. 😛

Whenever I feel like snapping a photo of myself…

Oh, by the way, I feel that my makeup skill has improved. Hence, more photogenic now.

Do you know goth is the other side of me? Beside being cute like those above..

I bring along my G11 with me almost everyday. Just in case there’s some “Kodak moment” spotted. All these while, I’d been using my Sony T2 for all photo shooting. It has served me for nearly 3 years.

Thanks Sony T2, you can have a good rest right now. Thanks for all the memories that you had captured for me all these years.

This means, I will be taking a lot more photos. So, stay tune!! ^^

For those of you who keep wandering what’s my new toy / gadget that I got, this is it. Hope you enjoy reading this post. It definitely took me some time to write a blog post.

Updated on 01.01.2015: I have no idea why all the photos in this post were gone, most probably during backup, something happened and corrupted. For the record, I will still keep this post alive. After all, it’s part of my memories.

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  1. Its an amazing camera, enjoy your new toy.
    I’ve had mine for just under a year and absolutely love it.
    Check out my website which has lots of photos taken with the G11

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