World Walking Day @ Waterfront Kuching

I was waken up by my SMS ringtone. Friends had SMSed me to make sure I was going to the World Walking Day. When I looked at the time – 5.45am!! WTF?! I overslept and I don’t remember hearing any wake up alarm alert from my phone!! (I don’t have an alarm clock for years~ time to get one, maybe?)

Quickly dressed up, fetch Orange and drove all the way to Waterfront. On the way, we saw people in a very long queue!! It was only 6.30am.

And then I noticed something different from the information I got! Just look at this banner, it said starting from 6am!!! I thought it was 6.30am?! Check out Nestlé website~~

Lesson learnt: Do not 100% trust information from the Internet. Do check out information from local media like newspaper for local event…Dang! I reached at 6.30am means I was 30  minutes late…no wonder no free tees left for me 🙁

On the way queuing up for registration, we saw a lot of people in green t-shirts already!

Not forget to camwhore a while, although not looking good this morning. XD

Actually, we were kinda excited for the walk to start. We were ready~~

My FM is in Kuching now – the supporting media for this event.

After a long queue, it was nearly 7.30am…we were almost there at the registration counter.

Oh dear, how long did we need to wait?

The green t-shirts were given during registration. Too bad, we were late although we started queue at 6.30am..all the t-shirts were given out.

Because of these FREE T-SHIRTS, something embarrassing happened!! Yea, you saw the photo below…the table was pushed and fell off like after a fight.

A mid-age woman was nagging the officers for the free t-shirts after the announcement said that there were no  more giveaway t-shirts available. But then, someone (a guy who was also queuing up) remind her that there was still a box of t-shirts behind the counter. Then, they started arguing :S Maybe because someone got that t-shirt without queuing up? Not sure about the whole story. But ain’t we here for the exercise fun? NOT THE T-SHIRT…gosh. (video in my Facebook profile)

Lucky draw coupon was given to each registrant.  I have no idea what those people, who supposed to assist on the registration, were doing after the incident above. In the end, we just managed to get one coupon without registration.

We met up with friends too.

Peter and Judy.

Ah Lim.


There were quite a number of participants…

Photographers as well.

Before the walking started, warming up is important. Everyone follow the people on stage.

Oh yea~ let’s warm up!!

The warming up session took quite some time. Everyone move around with the music in different languages. Here’s a video showing part of it.

Being a photographer is not easy, that’s why you don’t see my face in the video or photos of me posting around. After taking the video, I joined the rest.

Event small kids were there!

After the warm up, everyone follow the lead. Walking in the main road to go to the ‘starting point’.

Damn, I looked really ugly here..well, who cares. Thanks Orange for helping me on snapping some of the photos.

This is something you don’t see everyday.

Starting from this point, the step counts. The event is to walk “2000 steps”.

And now we were walking along the riverside.

1500 steps…

With friends around, you won’t feel bored…and definitely have the time for posting.

We were almost there..

After the walk, free food and drinks were served. But you have to queue up~

This was when they were preparing.

However, we didn’t manage to eat this after the walk. Just too lazy to wait for another long queue.

I saw some delicious-looking food, probably for those VIPs.

But we were thirsty, so ended up queuing for drinks.

Cold Milo.

Or hot Nescafe.

Meanwhile, there was event like on stage singing performance.

Clowns giving away balloons for free.

There was also lucky draw and selling of Nestlé products.

After the walk, we had drinks and left for breakfast instead. Just before leaving, I saw this..Selling balloons.

After having breakfast, we walked around the shops in the town. Bought some stuff and walked back to where I parked my car.

Great Scott! I knew it. If we could reach the car like 10 to 20 minutes earlier, I could have avoid this. Too many cars this morning, so I had to park my car at the yellow line…and this is what I got at the end. AND I DON’T HAVE THE T-SHIRT.

Summary: Mission half accomplished, considered FAIL. LOL.

To the organizer, if you happen to come across this blog post, I would like to suggest that next time, prepare more t-shirts and try to figure out a way to keep track on those people who actually got the t-shirt, really do participate in the walking event. As I saw some people get the t-shirt, and half way of the actual event, just ran away!! This is SO UNFAIR for those who waited in the long queue.

Updated on 29.12.2014: For some unknown reasons, I lost all the photos here. Just for the record, I am still keeping this post alive.

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  1. aww T_T
    It’ sucks you didn’t get your t-shirt Considering you took part in the walking lol
    but great post with all the pics
    It looks like it could of been fun ^_^
    Oh and as far as the phone alarm >_>
    You ever notice that when you need to get up it never goes off
    only when you’re sleeping & have nothing to do – does it ever work lol

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