Summary of 2010

It seems like writing this blog post was only few days ago. However, today already is the end of year 2010!!!!! year has just come to an end!

Looking back at my blog archive, I feel kinda heart pain as I have always abandoned my blog for most of the time. Blog updates become more and more less. My friend reminded me to write something in my blog since it’s end of the year.

Summary of the year:

04.01.2010: Got my 6th Adsense payment.
14.01.2010: Changing of hairstyle
18.03.2010: Bought XBOX 360 Elite
30.03.2010: Did IMBA things by attending class in Swinburne
31.08.2010: Got Canon G11 camera
21.12.2010: Participate in World Walking Day

Of course there were some other events which were remarkable yet not recorded in this blog.

Let’s take a look at my 2010 new year resolutoin:

1. Get a flat abdomen.My weight has decreased and kinda stable right now.
2. Boost up my online revenue. Maybe make a total of at least $30 per month?
3. Encourage myself to read. Hope to complete at least 5 books this year. (I don’t read books)
4. Get a baking oven. I wanna learn and have fun with baking.
5. Get a pair of new spectacles.
6. Plan and spend wisely.
7. Try to manage most of my blogs frequently.
8. Make “Avatar: A Confidential Report on the Biological and Social History of Pandora” as part of my book collection.
9. Complete an offline PC game or console game.
10. Learn something new.

Okay, let’s see what had I achieved:
1. Not really. I feel that I’m getting fatter each day.
2. Totally no online income for this year, except for Adsense.
3. I did completed 5 books!! [MISSION ACCOMPLISHED]
4. I don’t even remember I have this as a resolution!!!!
5. Yup, I got it. I even have 2.
6. Not really. Somehow, not so wise.
7. This is so hard, hope can do it next year.
8. I couldn’t find this book in local book store. Only in Amazon, but ….
9. Yup!! I completed Dante’s Inferno in XBOX 360. [MISSION ACCOMPLISHED]
10. I guess I have learned something new, but in the mean time I can’t think what are they.

Sort of failing my resolution. Perhaps I should not set too much resolution the next year.

Anyway, it’s end of 2010.

Happy 2011 ^^

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