Last Christmas 2010

Hello readers!! I miss all of you! It’s sort of late to mention about how I spent my last Christmas. But who cares? It’s my blog, I can write anything I wish. For the sake of record, here is how I spent my Christmas last December.

Almost every year the Christmas tree decoration at my house is more or less the same (red + blue theme).

This look so holy. The beliefs are for the family. By the way, I’m agnostic and open-minded.

Here are some decorations around the house.

This was found at the door of Cherry‘s bedroom.

During Christmas eve, everything had been setup and ready for the next day buffet-style open house.

There was an open house session during Christmas day. Relatives and friends were invited to join the event.

This is the dish that everyone had been anticipating.

Oh, that was Dad’s fingers *peace* ^.^V

Take a good look at this turkey. Must be the most expensive food on the table.

Bread to be served with the turkey.

2 kind of dressings for the turkey.

Sweet and sour salad.

Mixed veggies.

Chicken curry.

Rendang chicken.

I don’t recall what this is. It looks like chicken, yet another flavor.

Biryani rice.

Besides, there were some candies available as door gift for kids (or even adults).

Cookies  and snacks of different pattern were served as well.

Orange flavored cookies.

Cheese cookies.

I personally love to eat this very much because of its mint flavor. (yes, I love mint!)

Cookies with pineapple fillings.

After all the eating, it was time for presents!

How excited! My sis and bro were busy opening presents!

Cherry bought me some very cute stuff here. A kitty plushie!!

Kitty band!!

Cherry knows me damn well. I’m a cat lover!

The apple accessories were presents from my step.

So this was how I spent my last Christmas.

I feel kinda terrible for blogging about it after the event is over for more than half year already! Well, hope next Christmas, I will not delay as long as 8 months after Christmas!!

P/S: This post was initially created in draft for months!



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