iPhone 4: My first iDevice

We had been thinking of getting an iPhone for quite some time. This is a day that we won’t forget – the day we spent a great amount of cash on our first iDevice. It was also the day when Japan met its tsunami earthquake crisis. ๐Ÿ™ – 11th March 2011.

See Orange’s happy face. He was gonna get an iPhone 4!

We are poor souls who do not own any credit card. So, off we go..with a bunch of RM50 on hand, just to get 2 units of iPhone 4. During March, DiGi had a promo of getting the first iPhone with a smart plan, and the 2nd phone can be purchased without any contract (smart plans).

And that is how Orange and I got an iPhone 4 for ourselves. I got the smart plan with an iPhone 4, while he got the 2nd iPhone (plan free).

It was my dream smart phone…

And at last, I got one for myself!

My very first iDevice -iPhone 4, black, 16GB @ RM2099

This sounds crazy and imba. Once we go the phone on hand and settle the payment, we went to have a drink at KFC..and..our Apple pro friend, Peter, helped us jailbreak using his Mac Book Pro. XD

I just couldn’t let go of the phone ๐Ÿ˜€ Lovin’ it.

Now, Orange and I can play games together.

Even during hangout, we can just stare at our iPhones and do whatever we want.

I love leopard print <3

See the pink button sticker? It’s cute.

Well, sometimes when you get bored with the casing, you can just change..

Leopard print, green version XD (notice my nail polish as well? It was done by Cherry)

Proud to be part of the iPhone family now ๐Ÿ˜€

And..I started to love pink eve more…OMG~

I changed my iPhone case again…and it’s pink! Bought this during my last Singapore trip ^_^

P/S: I’ve been wanting to blog about my iPhone 4 for many months ago. Yet, busy at work just make me more and more lazy to post any updates ๐Ÿ™ But I guess those of you who followed me on my social network like Facebook or Twitter, will already know that I have obtained an iPhone early this March.

Anyway, I love my phone but the home button is getting less and less sensitive. Perhaps almost time to send in for warranty :/

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