Summary of 2011

Looking back, I don’t think there’s much to say for year 2011. Perhaps I blog less and that’s why it seems to have nothing to refer back. (how sad, and look at the comments left for my blog is almost 0 all the time)

However, there are some memorable events:

On Feb, I went to KL for vacation. It’s such a tough decision for me to on leave for vacation. I was suppose to post up photos on this vacation, yet…well all those photos are lying quietly in my PC.

11th of March, I bought myself a 16GB iPhone 4. So far, I’m still enjoy using it. iOS rocks!

1st of April was a changing point for my life. It seemed like an April fool joke, yet it was not. I was promoted in my career. However, misunderstanding issues were every where and I nearly lost my friendship. Anyway, I have lost a friend this year. D:

Some time around April, I have got my Google Adsense pament. Thanks Google!

Some time around July, I bought myself a second iDevice, which is a 32GB iPad 2 black. Suppose to blog about it as well. Perhaps you will see a lot of blog posts next year which were events happened in 2011!! LOL.

Also happening in July, I was assigned a task to blog about a basketball competition held by Celcom, and I was sponsored by Nuffnang. Thanks Nuffnang for giving me this opportunity!

8th August, I got a kitten. And now he has grown into a very cute and beautiful cat. I even setup a Tumblr blog specially dedicated to my cat, Chi.

During mid August, I went to Singapore for vacation. It was actually an annual company trip. Staff who work 3 years and above are entitled to join the trip. It was my first company trip! The trip was awesome. Photos were taken, of course. And…those photos are lying quietly in my PC as well. Those photos are not even in my Facebook! LOL.

From 29th October to 1st November, I went to Miri. It was a business trip. Went there to meet the branch staff and provide some training. It was a great trip, although tired staying in the office for long hours. Every air I breathed in was freedom. XD

It took me 2 days (24th December – 25th December) to help Orange moved out from his previous accommodation.  Reason to move out was due to the increase of house rental. The other housemates did not agree with the increment, hence we all had to move out. I was so stress looking for new ‘hideout’. Thanks to my friend, I was able to settle Orange down, and checked him into his new place – Courtyard Sanctuary apartment at MJC.

Best thing to end the year, my another Google Adsense payment has been issued. This is the 2nd payment from Google this year. How sad to see the online revenue is rapidly decreasing 🙁

Next, let’s take a look at my  2011 new year resolution:

  1. Reduce fat!!!!! I wanna be slim and beautiful.
  2. Money, money, come come.
  3. Read another 5 books!! Reading is great!
  4. Get an iPad.
  5. Design and decorate my bedroom interior.
  6. Blog more often.

Let’s see what I have achieved so far:

1. This is an epic fail. I did not loose weight, and i have gained some. I just measured my waistline. It has become 35″?! WTH!!??!

2. Yes, just a little. And I have to work harder.

3. I didn’t finish any book!! OMFG! Thanks to the iDevices I have bought.

4. Yes!!! I have achieved this. [MISSION ACCOMPLISHED]

5. I did a rearrangement to my bedroom and add some deco like light bulbs for Christmas. Be it Christmas or not, the light bulbs is always beautiful to gaze at.

6. Another fail mission. Look at my archives and you will understand what I mean. Perhaps micro-blogging like sharing posts at Twitter or Tumblr is much more easier and convenient these days. 😛

Alright, that’s for 2011.

See you in 2012!

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