Happy 2012

I don’t care if you are happy, depress or emotionless, it’s a new year for a new beginning. So, Happy 2012!!

Captured by Canon 550D

Just like last year, I went to eat BBQ steamboat with a bunch of friends. We had steamboat at Swan Teem BBQ Steamboat 双天自助铁板火锅城. I didn’t eat much as I easily get full when eating steamboat. It was glad to gather with friends at end of the year.

Photo by siawgu.com

Let’s see what kind of new year resolutions I have this year:

  1. Keep fit. I wanna get back in shape!! I want to continue my Slimming Project.
  2. Focus more on my blogs as much as I spent time on Facebook.
  3. Figure out how to increase my online revenue.
  4. Get a baking oven. I wanna learn and have fun with baking. [one of my new year resolutions from year 2010 which I did not achieve.]
  5. Hangout more with my Canon G11.

I really hope I can achieve all of them this year!

By the way, today is also A.P.P.L.E’s 5th year anniversary. Oh wow! I’ve been in the blogging community for 5 years, yet my blog has not reach 1000 blog posts. It’s time to move on. 😉

Happy 2012 and may all of you have a blessed and prosperous year ahead!


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