Reunion Dinner | Happy Dragon Year 2012

Reunion dinner during Chinese new year eve is a very important event for the Chinese. This year, to welcome the Dragon year, my family and I went to a Chinese restaurant to have our reunion dinner one day before new year eve. We had our dinner at Yun Yan Restaurant.

During Chinese new year, this dish is always served as an opening and it is an essential dish to have – Yee Sang.

Everyone used chopstick to mix the yee sang and wish everyone a prosperous new year.

Next, we have this steamed rice in lotus leaf.

The shark fin soup is a luxurious dish, and also a common dish during a gathering dinner like this.

Herbal Chicken, also known as “Beggar Chicken”.

Fish is also another symbolic dish during Chinese new year. We had steamed fish.

Pork leg.

Butter prawn.

At last, we have some dessert.

It’s almost Dad’s birthday, so we celebrated it earlier.

We were all so full and it was a blissful dinner with family.

During new year eve (22nd Jan), my friends came to my house to have a steamboat reunion dinner. This is kinda cool, because before this, I never celebrate reunion dinner with friends!

I was busy preparing the food.

Orange helped to cut some garlic.

A table full of ingredients getting ready for steamboat party~

It was kinda fun after all, although the BBQ hot plate is not as sizzling as those in the shop.

We were all so full ^_^

Did you have reunion dinner with your family? How do you feel?

Anyway, I would like to wish all of you a very prosperous Dragon year ^^

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