Getaway to Kuala Lumpur

Excited, we were. This is the first time for us to travel together in almost 6 years time. The excited journey started on 9th May 2012. Both of us took leave (which is a very rare case for both of us) just to have a getaway from work.

We took the earliest flight available. We arrived at the airport around 5am in the morning. We chose to fly with AirAsia. The tickets were actually booked 3 months ago during the promo period.

We departed at 6.05am.

Amazing experience, it was, to observe the entire sun rising process in the sky.

We arrived at LCCT around 7.40am, about 10 minutes earlier than the estimated time. This is also my first time landed at LCCT.  I used to landed at KLIA instead of LCCT when I travel to Kuala Lumpur.

We used SkyBus to go to KL Sentral. If you wanna save up, it’s a wise choice to purchase the SkyBus tickets together with your AirAsia ticket. It’s really hassle free. All you gotta do is to show your travel itinerary (with the proof that you have purchased the SkyBus tickets) to the bus attendant.

It takes about 1 hour 20 minutes to reach KL Sentral. Listening to the music can help you relax a bit during the whole journey.

Once we arrived at KL Sentral, we were kinda “lost”. Initially wanna take the LRT to our hotel. At last, a friend of mine told me to take the Monorail instead. This was also our first time visit to KL Sentral. It’s still undergoing heavy construction for the station to link to the Monorail station. So it’s kinda stuffy and dirty. In fact, we just have to walk to the opposite road to get to the Monorail station once going down from the bus.

That’s why I mentioned that we were kinda “lost”, walking here and there just to look for ways (means of transport) to get to our hotel.  But just this one time, after that we get ourselves familiar with the area and travel to and fro a lot at that area.

This rapidKL token is the ticket / pass to board the Monorail. This is what we do not have back here in Sarawak.

Our destination is Jalan Alor. We took the Monorail from KL Sentral to the Bukit Bintang station. RM2.10 per trip. Convenient and do not have to stuck in terrible traffic jam. But involve a lot of walking. For people like us who always drive here and there, walking has become an art. Make sure to equip proper shoe for long distance walking

And finally, we were at Jalan Alor.  Hot, sweating and tiring. Yet, happy.

Yes, this is Orange ^_^

Stay tune for next post, about the hotel that we stayed.

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