Apple Hotels @ Jalan Alor – Budget Hotel in Kuala Lumpur

We traveled all the way from Kuching to Kuala Lumpur, found our way to Jalan Alor. Why Jalan Alor? Because the hotel that we were going to stay is Apple Hotel, which is located in Jalan Alor.

It’s very easy to spot Apple Hotel, because the building is painted in apple green and is very outstanding among all the other blocks next to it.

To be honest, Jalan Alor is quite messy and dirty. Some times you an sense unpleasant smells, mostly because the left over food or whatsoever. However, it is a very convenient place to hunt food. There are plenty of food shops available, especially at night. (But, please beware of personal belongings)

Once we entered Apple Hotel, it was like walking into another world. It’s very clean and comfortable. They have a very friendly staff at the front counter. She is Ms Lisa (just get to know her name when I search more information about the hotel itself from the Facebook fan page)

There are plenty of apple-shaped decoration. Just look at the rattan chair! Apple-shaped as well~

Oh, and this is a strictly non-smoking hotel, so it’s very clean for a budget hotel. Room keeping service will only be provided upon request. We stayed there for 3 nights, we didn’t ask for room keeping. You know, we just like to anyhow left our shopping bags around and hoping no one simply move things around Hence, I think that’s not a big deal. I feel there’s more “privacy” now.

There is green wall with a map of KL city area inside the hotel. As you can see, it is quite near to the shopping hot spots – Bintang Walk.

We stayed there for 4 days 3 nights. I booked a double bed room via online. Their room reservation system in their website was not working well for me, so I booked via email. I emailed my booking queries to I am quite satisfied with the speed of their email respond. A big applause to their customer service!

I spent around RM400++ for the room which I had paid to Apple Hotel upon booking. (Bank in to their bank account) I was then given the booking number via email as well. Make sure to record down the booking number and show them your IC (the person who book) upon check-in.

This is our room. Neat?

Even the washing basin is apple-shaped. The shower gel provided is apple scented. How cute ~

The lighting for the room is also apple-shaped.

This is an apple lover paradise.

Well, Apple Hotel always have different offers and promo time to time, be sure to check out their offers or like their Facebook page to get more information.

P/S: This is not a sponsored post. The above review is all based on personal experiences.

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  1. As long as we stayed in Apple Hotel for 3 days and 4 night on August 2015, so far was good for a small hotel. The Customer Service so friendly but sometimes we misunderstood a few words of local language. So we have to explain in English. At that time the air conditioner was cold. But the bathroom there was slowly water outflow maybe any dirt inside pipe. For transportation was easy to reach. There were you can get the bus or Commuter Train.
    For food, there was plenty of food. The price was not expensive such as fried rice (nasi goreng) only 6 RM equal to Rp20.000,- for one serve.

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