Summary of 2012

Good bye 2012. It has been a harsh year for me, especially for my working life. I was and still am so “dedicated” to my job and have totally neglected my blog (how sad is this) and have totally forget of fulfilling my new year resolution for 2012.

Nothing much happen to my personal life this year.

Greatest achievement should be the purchasing of the following items:

  • 40″ Sony Bravia KDL-40HX750 LED Internet TV – bought from Courts Mammoth on 20th August 2012
  • Perodua MyVi SE 1.5 (auto) mystical purple car – bought on 4th December 2012

Purchasing my very first car, means I have to increase my monthly expenses. I WISH FOR A PAY RISE! DESPERATELY NEED A PAY RISE OR PERHAPS GET A PART TIME JOB OR FREELANCE WHATEVER MY TALENTS COULD HELP!!!! (Too bad, boss you won’t be reading this, I know)

Let’s see what I have achieved for this year’s resolution:

  1. Keep fit. I wanna get back in shape!! I want to continue my Slimming Project.
  2. Focus more on my blogs as much as I spent time on Facebook.
  3. Figure out how to increase my online revenue.
  4. Get a baking oven. I wanna learn and have fun with baking. [one of my new year resolutions from year 2010 which I did not achieve.]
  5. Hangout more with my Canon G11.

I have slimmed down, but my weight still cap around 60kg!

I hardly blog!! 🙁

No improvement on my online revenue. :((

Baking oven seems to be delayed every time from my list.

My G11 spent most of its time inside the leather pouch!!

What a failure this year! I only managed to slim down a little and the rest remain unchanged.

Anyways, see you next year!



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