Day 1 Food: KL Trip

FOOD HUNT! The most essential event during any trip! During our KL trip on last May, we had enjoyed ourselves with marvelous food. I have to split up the post to show you all what we had eaten!

Right after we arrived at our hotel, we rest for a little while and our friend came to pick us. The first stop was to Berjaya Times Square. We saw Subway! But we skipped it for the first day. Our very first meal in KL is at Uncle Duck Hong Kong Restaurant 得哥香港火锅餐厅.

My friend ordered this signature steamboat. You can pick what sort of ingredient you want! Yummy!

Fried Rice

I was having fried rice. Since it was some time ago, I hardly remember what did Orange eat that time 😛

We had side dish as well. This is deep fried clams.

After our lunch (it was around 2pm that time), my friend went back to work and we started our journey. Guess what we had for snack? It’s pretzel!  I have tasted Auntie Anne’s pretzel once introduced by a friend. I have been dreaming of bringing Orange to have a bite of this! And finally we did it!

Auntie Anne's Pretzel

It was so delicious and irresistible!!

We had ice-blended beverage to ease the thirst! But of course, we did bring along mineral water with us.

We walked back to our hotel and was really exhausted. Skipped dinner and slept quite early that night. I was actually quite hungry after some time, ended up watching TV in the hotel while surfing the web via my iPhone.

We should have gone downstairs to have some food since there are so many hawker stalls during night time along Jalan Alor. Staying near Jalan Alor, food is never a problem!


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