Day 2 Food: KL Trip

Looking for breakfast around Jalan Alor is so convenient. We bought this nasi lemak for RM1.50 or RM2 (I have forgotten since it was some time ago already :D) It’s simple yet delicious.


We planned to go for a long day trip before returning to the hotel, so we need to feed ourselves as satisfying as possible. I tried the fried bee hoon (rice noodle). I love KL’s rice noodle, it’s soft and yummy.


Orange had fried kway teow that morning.


They have nice teh peng (iced milk tea) here as well. The taste is quite rich. *thumbs up*


During late noon, right after we had visited KLCC, we had the famous Snowflake at Pavilion.


We waited in the long queue before our turn. I remember the first time I tried this dessert, we also waited for quite some time. That time Orange did not follow me to KL.

This is Orange tasting the dessert.


If you ask me what is the most unforgettable meal during this trip, I would have to say — eating Subway together with Orange.


This is my second visit to Subway. The very first time I tasted Subway was during my visit to KL in 2011. Did I mention this trip was the first time, me and Orange going for vacation together every since we were together?


Every time I mention about Subway, I am really excited, and keep telling Orange that I cannot forget its taste. And now, finally, he got the chance to pick and choose his choice of Subway sandwich!


Tadaa~~ I love Subway! We don’t have Subway here in Kuching. But, we are going to have Subway here, very soon, this year!


At night, we met up with friends. Our friends brought us to Bukit Ampang roadside food stall to have dinner + supper.

I didn’t know KL has such wonderful place. The weather is very cool as it’s located at the foot of the mountain (correct me if I’m wrong).


Click the above picture for full panorama night view of KL city from this hill top.

There are a variety of food available here. Mostly are mamak stalls.

This is fried mee.


I think this is some fried nuggets and fries.


Sorry for the poor lighting as it was quite dark over there and I do not have proper flash.

This is some sort of tofu.

BBQ chicken wings. This taste really GOOD!


This was also a great experience eating out at a cool place, enjoying the food and breeze.

Everyone should check this place out when visit to KL. I’m not sure how to get there, but you can find more information about this place here.

So that’s we had for the second day. Stay tune for 3rd day food post 😀

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