Happy 2013


Happy 2013!! Today is also A.P.P.L.E’s 6th anniversary! I have been so inactive year by year. This year, I promise myself to stay with my blog(s) more often. Even if it’s just a short update of my life or interesting events. This is my blog, I can post whatever I want, with ethics of course.

New year, new life, new resolutions!

My 2013 resolutions:

  1. Target weight 50kgs, reach this target before end of December 2013. (time to workout, move the ass)
  2. Do something to increase my monthly income. (be it online or offline)
  3. Be active in the blogosphere once again.
  4. Read more books!
  5. Be cheerful and motivated almost all the time 🙂
  6. Perhaps, getting a baking oven for sure, this time 😀 *teehee*

Sounds simple, yet it’s so hard to achieve all of them! I’ll try my best!

No, I’ll DO my best!

What’s your new year resolutions? Share with us at the comment below!


3 Replies to “Happy 2013”

  1. Hello!~ And Welcome Back !~ It’s nice to see you after sooooooooooooooooo long ^-^ Happy New Year !~ I hope your year is full of happiness and safety *hugs

    Lets both try our best this year !~ And here’s hoping to see more blogging by you heh heh 😉

    1. Hi remblue!! It’s been a long time! Happy new year! Thank you for the wishes and yes, let’s do our best this year!! I’m trying to keep my promise to blog more often! Remember to check out my new post at all times! Your loyalty is an important motivation for me to keep blogging~ Thank you for the support ^_^

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