Day 3 Food: KL Trip

During the third day, we traveled to Petaling Jaya (PJ) to meet up with our friend. He brought us to a very special place to have breakfast.  I don’t know where is that place located. It’s somewhere near housing estate at PJ area.  I had a bowl of Pan Min (板面), it’s a type of flat rice noodle. Unique and delicious. This is something I never ate before back in Kuching. The texture and taste is something different from ordinary rice noodle.

Pan Mee @ PJ

Oh, and I love the soup. Taste great!

Orange ate this, another type of noodle. I think it’s glass noodle (I can hardly recall just by looking at the photo, it as nearly a year ago.. LOL)

Bee Hoon Soup @ PJ

After breakfast, my friend sent us to 1 Utama Shopping Center. It’s a very big shopping complex and it was also my first time here (although I’ve been to KL several times!)

There are plenty of things to see here. Since this is a food post, I will just focus on the food we had here.

Garrett Popcorn

Garrett popcorn! The first time I had this popcorn was during my company trip to Singapore. I just can’t forget the taste of the caramel melting in the mouth!

Just look at his stunned face! LOL

And then, we tried out this cute little Italian Cone Pizza!


Simply delicious. Just pick what you want and them serve you on the spot.


After that, we met up with another friend. She brought us to IKEA. It was an amazing shopping experience! Can’t wait to visit there for the second time! The food there is cheap and tasty too!

Get ready a trolley first! There were a total of 4 person in our group.


Many mouth watering food~~~

Food @ IKEA

Food @ IKEA


Food @ IKEA

Once you have chosen the food, put to the trolley and time to pay for the food.


I was having this. Yummy~ Look at the long sausage!

Food @ IKEA

I cannot remember how much did it cost to have this dish. Sorry about that.. I love the salad behind and yes, you ought to try out their Swedish meatball. Delicious!!

Typical Malaysian will do this when the things are free of charge! XD


Oh, and one more thing! After the Ikea check out point, there are also selling some light food. Try out their curry puff!

Yum yum..and of course…fatty! >.<

Hot curry puff from IKEA

End of day 3 food post. Day 4 is our last day in KL, will write a post about our last day trip, combining with the food we had. 😀

Stay tune (although I don’t know if there’s anyone out there still reading this)


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