KL Trip: Suria KLCC & Aquaria

It was quite tiring after the early flight to KL on the first day. Therefore, we started to explore more on the second day. We stayed at Jalan Alor, it’s actually not far away from KLCC (Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre), so we decided to try the Bukit Bintang – KLCC Walkway (or vice versa).

I forget how long did it take for the walk, but the walkway is air-conditioned and safe for pedestrian.

Once we reached KLCC, there’s a signboard showing you the directions to different sites.

This Twin Tower has become a signature landmark of Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia.  It used to be the tallest building in the world, but in the present day, it is still one of the tallest buildings in world (in a list of top 10). For more information about Twin Tower, click here.

Petronas Twin Towers

The bridge between the two buildings is known as the “Skybridge” . You can purchase ticket to visit the Skybridge, and enjoy the KL city view from top. But make sure to study the opening hours as the admission ticket is limited per day.

This is the opening time and ticket fee as of May 2012. By the time I write this post,  their official website shows that the ticket price is increased for non-Malaysian now.

It’s sad to say that we did make it to the Skybridge. Perhaps next time. It will be better if you could purchase the ticket online (only from their official website to avoid scam).

In fact, before we wanted to visit the Skybridge, we went to the KLCC park. It’s quite an amazing view where you still can find green in big busy city like Kuala Lumpur.

There’s also a shopping podium known as the Suria KLCC. Items here are much more luxurious.

Kinokuniya is a very popular bookstore and really well organized.

Helped a friend bought a book which he was looking for quite some time, but could not find back in Kuching.

Dead Island

Another place worth visiting is the Petrosains Science Discovery Centre – a nice place for you to gain science knowledge. For ticketing and operating hours, please visit Petrosains website.

Petrosains Science Discovery Centre

Due to time constraint, we also didn’t make it to visit this science discovery centre. Because we were getting ready to head to the KLCC Aquaria.


KLCC Aquaria map – just imagine a big aquarium underneath the KLCC building. Cool?


You can find more about the ticketing here. These were our admission tickets.

Aquaria Admission Ticket

Okay, less talking now..let’s enjoy all the photos taken in Aquaria.

This is a specimen:

Here, you can find lots of animals, insects, reptiles and fish.

Now, more to the fishes part…

A pillar of fishes.

I love this blue. It just makes people feel so calm.

This is the tunnel for us to visit around.

Most photos are blurry from this point onwards, as the fish were swimming quite fast and my shutter could not even catch up!

Camwhore before we left.

Oh, not to forget the jellyfish!

Beautiful, aye?

And colorful prawns….of which I have forgotten their names 😀

Shark teeth ^^

Shark Teeth

Pillars with fish embedded.

Just before we left the aquarium, we visited the souvenir store.

Purple stingray plushie~

Seal plushie~ so cute until I nearly brought one home.

Camwhore again before we left. ^.<

After that, we walked back to our hotel via the KLCC – Bukit Bintang Walkway. Half way stopped by to Pavilion.

That’s all for now. I hope you enjoy all the photos and thanks for your visit to my blog (although it’s not as active as years ago).




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