Food In Take – 14.12.13

It’s the fourth day for me to undergo this “strict diet”. So far so good 😀

These are the food I took today.

Breakfast: Japanese tofu, cherry tomato, cucumber, capsicum, lettuce.

Japanese tofu

Lunch: Baby kai lan with carrot (saute with garlic and oyster sauce)

Baby kai lan

Around 4pm I had one banana, and around 5pm I ate some waffle biscuit given by colleague.

Around 5.30pm: Veggie salad consists of carrot, cucumber, cherry tomato, minced chicken.

Veggie salad

After gym, I went to have dinner. This dinner is a bit heavy but I am still not taking white rice. Instead of fried dumplings, I had steamed dumplings.

Dinner: Q noodle (or glass noodle) with spring onions, steamed chicken dumplings.

Q noodle & chicken dumplings

Stay tune for more updates!

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