Food In Take – 16.12.13

Waking up to a Monday morning might bring Monday blues…it will feel great if you start the day with a delicious yet healthy breakfast!

Breakfast: Homemade bun sandwich (with lettuce, egg, tuna, mayonnaise, tomato, onion)

Egg & tuna sandwich

Lunch: Veggie with dried turnip

Veggie with dried turnip

Some time around 2pm, my colleague gave me a small packet of cheese waffle biscuit and not long after, I had one fried banana given by another colleague.

Around 4pm: Toasted french bread (I ate 2 1/2 pieces) and half of a wholemeal bread sandwich (refer picture of dinner)

Toasted french bread

Dinner (around 6pm): Another half of the wholemeal sandwich. (Please note that in this pic, there are 4 slices of sandwich, I only took one at a time at 4pm and 6pm)


I went to the gym around 7.30pm and left around 9.15pm. I was damn hungry, perhaps after all the sweat and due to having dinner at 6pm, I really cannot resist getting something to eat. I sat in the kopitiam for quite some time, until I finally made up my mind to have this kolo mee + seafood soup.

kolo mee + soup


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