Happy 2014!!


Goodbye 2013! Welcome 2014!! It’s also the 7th anniversary of this blog! Happy birthday to my blog!

Let’s review my last year’s resolution:

  1. Target weight 50kgs, reach this target before end of December 2013. (time to workout, move the ass)
  2. Do something to increase my monthly income. (be it online or offline)
  3. Be active in the blogosphere once again.
  4. Read more books!
  5. Be cheerful and motivated almost all the time :)
  6. Perhaps, getting a baking oven for sure, this time :D *teehee*

What I have done / achieved in 2013  (recap):

  1. 50kgs is still a big gap for me. But I start to hit the gym in mid August 2013, so far, I have burned off around 4kgs!
  2. Monthly income still same, no extras.
  3. Tried to blog more often, but as you can see that I have only been slightly active during the past few weeks.
  4. I read books, be it Chinese or English. I even read cookbook to give me ideas for my diet. I got a new book “Inferno” by Dan Brown as a Christmas gift by him.
  5. It’s hard to be cheerful and motivated lately. Quite depressed when 2013 came to an end.
  6. I finally GOT A BAKING OVEN!! << This is the most successful resolution achieved – been pending for 2 years..

Now, as usual, I am going to set a list of new year resolution for the year 2014:

  1. Currently I’m around 63 ~ 64kgs (up and down). I want to loose weight till at least 55kgs by end of 2014!
  2. Time to get back on track on my online revenue and blogging habit.
  3. Get an iPad mini with retina or perhaps an iPhone 6!
  4. Master a new skill!
  5. Expand my network (of friends – online / offline).
  6. Get married!


HAPPY 2014!!!


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