The Unexpected Journey

It was a fine Saturday, when both of us were enjoying our day off and went shopping for some proper formal outfit. That evening, we were invited to Dad’s early birthday celebration. A crazy idea just came in and we have decided to take this opportunity to ask for permission / approval on our marriage.  He (referred as Orange) said why not just wear the newly bought outfit and proposed to Dad..and that’s the beginning of this unexpected journey…

This is the very first time I see Orange in such fine garment, looking real good!

It was 18th January, that Saturday evening, after having family dinner at a Chinese restaurant, Orange asked me to stand up together with him and he started to speak to Dad, asking for permission to marry his daughter.

The answer is — yes. We felt blessed and touched. We sat down had a long talk. Summary, Dad asked us to register the soonest.

So on Monday morning, we went to JPN (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negeri) to obtain, fill in and submit the form.  It was taking some time for us to prepare from taking new passport-size photos (with blue background) to changing the address on the Identity Card to the current city’s address… it took more or less 2 to 3 hours until we finally submit the form with both our signatures placed.

Basically, there’s a 21-day range before the actual ROM day. We have chosen the date for us to be officially announced as the Mr and Mrs. That will be some time around Feb….which means, it’s just next month!

We have always thinking of getting married this year (also one of my new year resolutions), but definitely never imagine to be that soon. In other words, it turn out everything is quite smooth. Of course, getting the blessing from the family is a big reward as this is something we have been fearing of not getting for all these years.

I am having a mixture of feelings. I started to miss home, especially Dad, although I am still staying with my family.

By the way, thanks for all the wishing earlier in Facebook yesterday. ^_^

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  1. I love how you blog about you asking permission to get married. I think that’s important to have the blessings from the parents for a marriage. After all, marriage is not just about two persons, but more so about two families coming together. May you have an even more exciting journey moving ahead!!

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