A New Journey: Tying The Knot

Valentine’s Day eve was the very day we changed our status from single to married, lawfully and officially, as scheduled in January.

The day before, we did some last minute shopping to get all the raw materials for doing the “Just Married” board. Special thanks to Cherry for the design and everything.

The making of wedding poster

And also, thanks Mika for the help with all the little things and also for becoming our photographer that day.

Gluing the roses and tiny flowers to the board needs some patience.

Bought some plastic flowers to DIY the bouquet.

1913230_10203229461278828_1484734756_oI love the ribbon knot.


Getting ready for the next day. I’ve got two extra flowers – a real rose and a bouquet of Hello Kitty from Orange, as the next day is Valentine’s Day. How sweet of him ^^


These were the things to wear during our R.O.M.

I woke up early than usual to get ready, as you know girls always take time to dress up 😛  Went to JPN (Jabatan Pendaftaran Negeri) for our R.O.M on 13th February 2014, 7.30am. The first couple being legally wedded at this JPN.

While waiting for the Registrar…

Our wedding rings –  a gift from the step-mom.

Before the event started, the Registrar gave us a brief lecture on marriage and those rules and regulations which we need to keep in our mind. After that, we were asked to stand up and take the oath. (I was quite nervous actually)

After the oath, Orange signed on the certificate of marriage (2 copies).


Then, it was my turn.


William, my god-brother, is our 1st witness.


My second witness is of course my dearest sis, Cherry.


Lastly, signature placed by the Registrar to make everything legal.

Congratulations to the Mr & Mrs.

Not to forget the rings!


Portrait with the family.

After the event, we went for breakfast and to our next destination – Siniawan, for some photo-shooting. Siniawan is a very beautiful old town. There’s a nice place called the Siniawan Heritage, it could be a good spot for tourists.

Less words for now and let the photos speak themselves.

That’s all for the photos. In fact I have posted all these photos (some not included in this blog post) in Facebook. I have always wanted to come up with a blog post on this big day of mine, yet keep on delay.

We have been officially wedded for 3 months+ already…and those photos were taken on the same day of our R.O.M. I looked fatter in those photos. I am still working hard to slim down some more and I guess I am getting fitter after three months of hard work.  Anyway, raised in a Chinese family, we still have to go through those traditional “ceremony” before we can stay and live together. I will be moving out from my house and stay with my hubby somewhere around September, which is about 4 months time from now.

I am still looking for professional photographers and costume rentals for my official wedding photos. Or in other words, “pre-wedding photography”. The heck, for me, after signing that piece of paper, we are already married. If it ain’t for the family, I would have just skip all those “traditions”. 😀 Anyway, I am not planning for any “actual day dinner” (because fancy ceremony and dinner is too mainstream, hehehe)

Till then…I hope to get in better shape so that  I can fit into those beautiful gowns.

I prefer cosplay type…any intros?






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