Zumba with [VA Glam & Dolls Crew]

I have to admit that Zumba changes one’s life. Ever since I met ZIN Victor and ZIN Awang from Glam Empire Fitness Studio, my love for Zumba is growing day by day. It’s like finally found the meaning of life, or in other words, found one’s passion!

I’ve been joining Glam Empire since June 2014. Time flies and it’s been half year already!


Throughout these months, I met lots of awesome people in the Zumba circle. I have joined several Zumba events and really enjoyed it!

I never thought of appearing in Zumba videos which will be published to social media sites like YouTube. Thanks to Glam Empire for giving me the chance to be one of the shadow dancers for both ZIN Victor and ZIN Awang. Hence, the formation of VA Glam & Dolls Crew. *applause*

The first video we did is “Swilili” by Mampi.

This track was brought back by ZIN Victor after his visit to Portugal. He was really amazed by this song, so he taught us the choreography and there goes the video!

The second video we did is “Bebek” by Izel. It’s a belly dance track!

I personally really love this Turkish track.

Hope you enjoy the videos brought to you by VA Glam & Dolls Crew. More to come in the near future!

If you are interested to try Zumba and you’re in Kuching, come join us at Glam Empire Fitness Studio.

p/s: Special thanks to Faithlyn Hiew for the recording..and this is NOT a sponsored post.


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