Happy 2015!

Time flies, but the memories collected along the way can never be replaced. 2014 seems to be just like yesterday and now it’s already 2015! It also marks the 8th years anniversary for this blog. I used to be an active blogger and sort of “abandoned” it for quite some time due to busy schedules, to be more precise – way too much excuses to hold on to my dream (of being a full time blogger).

Many things happened in year 2014, good and bad, most importantly 2 important events that totally changed my life: getting married and starting an affair with Zumba Fitness.

Sunflower Garden @ Singapore Changi Airport
Sunflower Garden @ Singapore Changi Airport

It’s a brand new year to start a “new life” for the coming year, and I do hope this coming new year will blossom gracefully like the sunflowers.

Every year I will set a list of “new year resolutions” and check if I have accomplished any of them to make it a fruitful year…

Here’s a recap of my last year’s resolution:

  1. Currently I’m around 63 ~ 64kgs (up and down). I want to loose weight till at least 55kgs by end of 2014!
  2. Time to get back on track on my online revenue and blogging habit.
  3. Get an iPad mini with retina or perhaps an iPhone 6!
  4. Master a new skill!
  5. Expand my network (of friends – online / offline).
  6. Get married!

What I have achieved during 2014:

  1. I did loose weight, obviously acknowledged by friends around me when they meet me in person. My weight is still cap around 58kg – 60kg, I believe this is because I gained muscles (and they are heavy at the same time, yet help to burn the body fat effectively. The scale reading doesn’t matter that much any way.)
  2. Only managed to write 6 blog posts throughout the year.
  3. iPad mini with retina display is way too seductive, got it on Jan 2014.
  4. I don’t think I have mastered any new skills, instead, I picked up Zumba.
  5. I somehow did it!
  6. I’m done!

It looks like I have completed most of my resolution this round! I’m proud of myself :

To make 2015 a better and fruitful year, here’s a list of my new year resolution:

  1. Become a ZIN™ member.
  2. Earn extra bucks from both Tone Excel and Mary Kay.
  3. Fulfill new project assigned by Boss with my partner.
  4. Keep blog more alive. (almost every year say this, but I want to achieve it this year!)
  5. Loose more weights / fats, I want a flat tummy!
  6. Read more.

Last but not least, wish all of you start a better year ahead, stay positive always and..



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