Tap Titans

Recently saw friends around me keep tapping on their smartphone crazily when they are “free”, as in “fingers have nothing to do”. Since I don’t have to work today, slacking back at home, I thought of why not introducing this mobile app to Orange and see how addictive it could get him. So I asked him to install in his iPad.


The game is called Tap Titans. Available in both App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android). Within hours, he had reached level 300++, and that should make the explanation itself.

Tap Titans @ iPad
Tap Titans @ iPad

It’s a very simple game, which basically you just need to tap on the screen to defeat the monsters and choose what skills to level up your heroes.

Guess what? I installed in my phone too!!

Installing Tap Titans at my Huawei Honor 3C smartphone.

And the addiction begins after this…

So…all you need to do is tap tap tap…

In just a short period of time, as long as you keep tapping, you can level up very fast.

You may feel it’s kinda boring, but this you have try out for yourself! I can hardly stop! This is a nice game to kill the time and also kill the battery if you need to drain your battery (to test power bank, maybe?). It is also a good opportunity for you to train your fingers to react faster. Who knows one day you can become the God finger???

LOL. Try it out and tell me if it’s addictive! Beware, I warn you.

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