The Photobooth: Give the Gift of Hope

I was being informed by my sis that there’s one photobooth event going on at tHe Spring shopping mall, which I might be interested. This is a program specifically designed to uplift the lives of the poor and needy through the teaching of photography skills. With every photo taken inclusive of frame at RM30 (RM10 without frame), all proceeds go towards improving lives of poor and needy under 1AZAM program by the Ministry of Welfare, Women and Family Development, Sarawak.

The photobooth is located opposite Starbucks Coffee, tHe Spring shopping mall. 

You can choose from a varieties of traditional Dayak costumes for the photo session, a great way to celebrate the Gawai Dayak Festival and also doing charity at the same time.

We were so excited to see the outcome. The frame is very unique, it’s in the shape of an iPad. I chose black frame (I always love black gadgets).

Now we are happy ^_^

This photobooth is available from 22nd May 2015 to 8th June 2015, at tHe Spring. Interested? Head over today!

Last but not least, Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai. Lantang Senang Nguan Menua! Happy holidays!








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