BodyBoss: Ultimate Body 12-week Fitness Guide

I have always wanted a flat tummy. Obviously, doing cardio won’t help (that’s a hard cold truth). Thanks to Facebook ads targeting, all those fitness / lose weight ads were (and still) showing in my newsfeed over and over again.¬† The ads have work effectively and finally luring me to purchase this #BodyBoss Fitness Guide.

I bought this guide some time ago last year. I tried it for few weeks and I gave up. It was pain and it defeated me while I lost my motivation. If I were to not giving up and keep on grinding, you would have seen beautiful results reflected on my body.

I’m feeling fat recently. It’s not a joke. I literally become fat due to lack of high intensity workout and high consumption of white rice (argh!). Since it’s a new year, the mind and soul automatically feel refreshed, it’s a great time to start doing something for myself.

I started doing this workout at home since yesterday. Hope I can continue and complete the 12-week program. Oh, c’mmon it’s just 12 weeks, right?! I’m going to stick to this guide as close as possible (some workout is quite challenging for me).¬† If a new guy/girl has decided to join our family, then I will put this plan on hold. At the mean time, just keep on grinding!

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