Happy 2018: Another 365 Pages

We carry within us the wonders we seek around us.” – Sir Thomas Browne.

Most of the netizens had posted their 2018 new year resolutions on Facebook since yesterday, the last day of 2017. I’ll keep mine simple. Before that, let’s have a look back on what was my new year resolution which I posted a year ago. I have achieved most of them, except for “Join a marathon.” What a shame for not being able to even start a simple task like this. Hope I can get this fulfilled this year.

I would like to start my 12 new chapters with 365 pages with these:

  • Love what I do, do what I love.
  • Live a healthier lifestyle.
  • Read more, write more (I’m still a blogger, kan?), gain more.

Before ending this post, here’s a greeting from me and my Zumba followers:


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