I’m CPR Trained

I’m glad to announce that I am now officially CPR trained today.  I have attended Basic Life Support (BLS) for Non-Health Care Provider, trained by Azizul Amar, founder and president of CPR1Malaysia.

As a part time fitness instructor, the knowledge of performing CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) is important, especially if there’s any emergency happen during a class.

The training was held at Islamic Information Centre, Kuching. The 4-hour training was really easy to understand and not boring at all as Azizul Amar, the trainer presented the whole training in a very sporting way.

CPR demonstration for adult, children and infant was shown to all attendees.

I would love to thank my sifus, Victor and Awang, for introducing me this program which will be of good use in both personal and career life.

After watching the demonstration, we had to try perform CPR before the individual examination. Picture here shows the CPR demonstration to a child, therefore only 1 hand needed, instead of using both hands.

Now I’m CPR trained. This can actually boost confidence to my Zumba followers. In case of emergency, I’m able to help out. New knowledge and skill acquired for the year 2018, I’m really glad of it!

Everyone should learn how to perform CPR or in other words Basic Life Support. To find out more about this training, you may visit CPR1Malaysia.

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