Happy 2019!

Happy 2019! This year my resolution is going to be 4096 x 2160!

Year 2018 had ended just like this.  There were ups and downs… Just when I had built up my strong crowd for my Zumba career, I had to put it to a temporary stop for good. I thought it would be the beginning of starting a new chapter of life ever since. However, it was fated that every fascination of the new life chapter had put to a sudden stop. I was so depressed with lots of sleepless nights while putting lots of blame to myself.  Blessed to have my caring family and friends by my side. I know the good days will come, soon. I hope to see you again very soon, my child.

Today, first day of the year, I started the day with a great Zumba workout with my Zumba mates – ZIN™ Apiey and ZIN™ Claudius, for an hour non-stop Zumba event at Reggae Fitness Studio.

Thank you, team! First time collaborate with you guys!

Thank you to all members who came to support our first event of the year! Love you all!

After taking about 2 months break from teaching Zumba, I started to rock the stage again in December 2018 at Reggae Fitness Studio – the studio where used to be with 2 years ago. I’m back now! Aiming to continue motivating people towards a healthier lifestyle.

Last but not least, Happy New Year!

Happy New Year 2019 from us at Reggae F. S.@victordruce @iam_awang @claudmaximus @xiaoyenzi @shaffaridzuan

Posted by Reggae Fitness Studio on Monday, December 31, 2018

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