A Bushel of Apples

Last month, I received an email about some sort of interview. I was busy adjusting myself with my working life and my blogging life. It took me quite long before I could answer the questionnaire given in my inbox. (Sorry Gabey, for the delay) Gabey is one of the staff from Malay Mail, one of the local press, who is in charge of the “Blogspot” section.

It’s really an honor to be cyber spotted by Gabey and thus I get a chance to be featured in Malay Mail, hardcopy and virtually. You can read the online version here.

Gabey is so kind to send me a copy of the printed version. Click on the image below to view the original size.


This is my second time being interviewed by the local press via my blog. Continue reading “A Bushel of Apples”

Laozhabor’s Blog

I want to mention a blog that I get to know it today, out of curiosity. I was watching “Just Follow Law” directed by Singapore director, Jack Neo. One of the scene is about an auntie using the laptop then she mentioned that she even got her own blog, and still say out the blog url which is laozhabor.blogspot.com. At first I thought that was just for fun…and because of curiosity and nothing to do, I tried laozabor.blogspot.com, laozhabo.blogspot.com – all leads me to the exact url which is laozhabor.blogspot.com. (Lao Zha Bor simply means “old lady” in Hokkien, a Chinese dialect). This is cool. So? Promoting blog through movies, that’s pretty cool. =)

Updated on 15th October 2007

Domain Name Activated!!

dot com

This is so exciting!! (At least for me, it is!) Yesterday,I finally received an email from the hosting company that I’ve signed up for. And guess what? My domain name is activated and now it’s available. Well, if you are wondering, I just bought a domain name but not web space. So, I still can manage to pay it. =PWell, hope I can keep blogging – though *NOT* a “pro”. I just love to blog whatever I think it’s worth sharing with others.

So, if it happens that you bookmarking my blog, you can use the new address now – http://www.xiaoyenzi.com