Kuma-Kuma Hanger

l the time I received comments on whether I know where to get Kuma-Kuma related items like plushies or accessories in the U.S. I used to know a website based in the U.S. which sold Kuma-Kuma before. Other than that, I don’t know where else can you get it.

But I believe there must be some where you can get Kuma-Kuma. They are too adorable.


Today, I went to Kuching International Airport. There is a shop that sells a lot of plushies. I saw a lot of Kuma-Kuma hangers for sale. It’s quite common to find this cute turtle in the gift shops here around in Kuching.


These Kuma-Kuma hanger is sold at RM4.90 each.

How can you resist its cuteness??

My Plushies

These are my favorite plushies. They sleep with me every night. Ain’t they adorable?

P/s: This is my first mobile blogging post via my new toy. Stay tune for updates on my new toy.

Kawaii Love-chan

I’m so in love with Kuma-Kuma turtle, yet Cherry, my sister is so crazy for Love-chan rabbit! Maybe we should put a race between Kuma-Kuma and Love-chan and see who wins. According to Aesop’s story, the bunny lose the race because he takes a nap under the tree…

Love-chan is a character created by a Japanese artist Otsuka Ai 大塚 愛. You can see how crazy is Cherry for Love-chan. Or simply visit Love-chan official website for more information about Love-chan. Continue reading “Kawaii Love-chan”

Hammie: A Surprise Gift

Cherry had hamsters before. Those were given to her as a gift. Although they were not really mine, I love to watch them move around, as if they were my own hamsters. Now, I have my own hamster, staying with me in my room (not really hygene but that’s the only place I can locate it).


I call it Hammie. I don’t know how to identify its gender, I’ll just assume it is a he. Having Hammie as a pet is just like mystery. He is not really given to me as a gift, rather a gift from God? Few days ago, Orange informed me about an interesting news. He told me there was a hamster in his workplace (a cyber cafe), coming from nowhere. Continue reading “Hammie: A Surprise Gift”


Hamsters are so adorable…and no doubt, I love hamsters too!! There are 2 hamsters in my house. Both given by my sister’s friends. 1 named Little King (xiao wang or 小王) and the other named Black Fur (hei mao or 黑毛). Little King is the white hamster with light brown patches. It looks more cute than the black one. However it is very fierce that me and my sister dare not play with it. The black one, is tame and we can hold it in our palms and play around with it, thus taking pictures or videos of Black Fur is somehow much more easy.

This is a video I just made, tribute to our hamsters. Enjoy yourself, although it’s a short one.