Open Sesame!

When we have stress or encounter problems which we have to handle at work, always remember to relax ourselves from time to time. Remember, laughter is the best medicine.

Do you know the story of Ali Baba and the 40 thieves? There’s this magical door which only can be open by a spell known as “Open Sesame”.

Having the same concept, this video is really a funny one! It’s definitely a MUST watch video!

What do you think??

Manglish = Malaysian English

My new job sometimes requires me to make and receive phone calls.  Actually, I have phobia talking over the phone to anonymous. I’m trying to overcome this slowly (no choice if I want to secure my job).  What I most afraid of, is to speak in Malay (our national language, but I’m really poor in this language!). Most of the time, I’ll avoid speaking Malay and use English instead. Well, sometimes Manglish, depending on the scenario.

What on earth is Manglish? It’s Malaysian English, with very typical Malaysian style, for instance with all the not-so-meaningful-yet-sounds-natural-phrase like “lah”, “lor”, “ah”. Not only verbally but sometimes literally. I’m working in the warranty department, so every day I will receive malfunction products for warranty claims. Most of the time, the salesperson or technician will write a short note to indicate the problems.

Check this out and you know what I mean.

Okay..tell me is this Manglish?  “LCD look like blur blur” sounds really Chinese. (LCD 看起来蒙蒙) Continue reading “Manglish = Malaysian English”