Tap Titans

Recently saw friends around me keep tapping on their smartphone crazily when they are “free”, as in “fingers have nothing to do”. Since I don’t have to work today, slacking back at home, I thought of why not introducing this mobile app to Orange and see how addictive it could get him. So I asked him to install in his iPad.


The game is called Tap Titans. Available in both App Store (iOS) and Play Store (Android). Continue reading “Tap Titans”

Video Making: Far Away (千里之外)

I wonder why I didn’t include this in my own blog! Last year when Jay Chou released his new album with the song Qian Li Zhi Wai (千里之外, meaning: far away), me and Cherry made this music video using a game interface, which is Ragnarok Online (RO). Back that time, I hosted an RO private server, so we could easily get whatever we wanted and also easily moved around in the game. Anyway, here is the vid, just in case you never watched before.

Recommendation: download this video to have a clearer view of the wordings/conversation. To download this video, try vixy.net. Click here for tutorial.

Happy Chinese New Year

Greetings everyone!
Wish you a very prosperous Chinese New Year – the year of Pig.
As a gamer, I played a song called Gong Xi Jam in O2Jam to wish all of you Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Song Info
– Game: O2Jam
– Song Name: Gong Xi Jam
– Song Level: 4 (Easy Mode)
– Speed: X3Gong Xi Fa Cai!!