Rabbit Tuzki Emoticon

Recognize this guy??? This little creature is no stranger to most messenger users. She is famous for her funny-yet-cilaka (a feeling of wanna beat her up) emotions. Her name is Rabbit Tuzki or ε…”ζ–―εŸΊ. The creator of this guy is Momo Wang (ηŽ‹ε―ε―), a 22-year-old-female-student of Beijing Broadcasting Institute (εŒ—δΊ¬εΉΏζ’­ε­¦ι™’), majoring in animation (εŠ¨η”»η³»).

You can actually visit her blog (in Simplified Chinese) to find out more about Rabbit Tuzki. As usual, I curi from the web and put it here to share with all of you. Feel free to curi (“steal”/download) too.

I’ve zipped them up in a folder and uploaded to free webspace for easier download.

P/S: Momo is a girl, so as Rabbit Tuzki. [ Source ]

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Last Update: 18th July 2008

Kawaii Onionhead Emoticon

Onionhead or 洋葱倴 believed to be no strangers to most habitants in the web, especially those who played messengers. You will see lots of animated or non-animated cute Onionhead emoticons. It’s all over the web and you can get it for free. Now that I’ve curi (steal) it from someone’s sharing site, I will post it here for you to curi as well.

And be prepared to see me spamming those kawaii emoticons while I’m blogging.

And here as promised, feel free to curi. The following images are just previews, click for original view. ^^

Last Update: 29th November 2009
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