HAPPY 2017!

It’s the time of the year again! HAPPY 2017 everyone!

So for the whole year of 2016, I have only written 2 blog posts! That’s kinda sad, I used to be a quite active amateur blogger, as active as the frequency of me doing Zumba (imagine that!)

Anyway, looking back at my first post of the year of 2016, I did not set a list of new year resolutions.

In 2016, I don’t want to set a list of new year resolution, I just want to feel truly happy of what I’m doing and I’m going to be a person full of positive energy and of course, try to fulfill last year’s resolution which I had not achieved yet.

It seems like I had planned to carry forward whatever new year resolutions which I had not completed in 2015 to 2016. Screw that! In short, I just wanted to be happy. So, were I happy for the past 366 days?

There’s ups and downs. I tried to find the balance in between to ensure I am truly happy for what I had done. Yes, most of the time, I was happy.

I want it to be a meaningful and productive year in 2017. So here’s some goals to achieve:

Focus on my day job: Really need to plan and make sure things going smooth for both online and after-sales departments. Yes, I know it’s 2 distinct departments which somehow do not interact much. There goes my 1st challenge of the year.

Moderate Zumba: It’s been almost 2 years since I started my part time career as a Zumba instructor. Been through a lot of hardship, people come and go, but I need to keep in mind that’s not the point. As a Zumba Fitness instructor, I am promoting fitness in a fun way and help motivate others to stay fit as well. This year, it’s time to reduce the number of classes I will conduct. I need more rest physically and also I need more time for my family and I (and my work of course).

Stay healthy: Need to reduce the number on my waistline (weight is just scale, not to worry too much on that), Eat clean as often as possible and never give up on exercises.

Join a marathon: Never did I join a marathon before. Let’s make it happen this year! We only live once, so just do it! 5km for a starter also no harm.

Travel at least once: Need a getaway this year. Target – Taiwan.

Read more books: I have bought a lot of books and arranged them on shelves.

That’s it!


Happy 2016

It’s another chapter of a new year. And also the 9th anniversary of this blog. I feel kinda sad for not keeping this blog as active as before. Many things happened in 2015, I have became a ZIN (Zumba Instructor), I have been traveling around for Zumba events, I even made a immediate decision of going for a vacation at the end of the year, which was so not me. I have a lot of things to share but due to the tiredness of work, I have once again neglected my blog which I had so much passion for 9 years ago.

Pantai Timang @ Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Pantai Timang @ Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Here is a recap of my 2015 new year resolution:

I am glad to achieve the following:

  1. I am now officially a ZIN (Zumba Instructor Network) member who teach more than 5 classes a week.
  2. I did and still earning extra bucks from both Mary Kay and Tone Excel, thanks to those who supported me all these while.
  3. As for the new project of building an online store, now the online store is up and running, having some sales although not that much yet.
  4. I failed to do this. I find it easier to post things on Facebook over my blog, however blog is always a better place to archive all those memorable moments.
  5. I don’t have a flat tummy yet, but obviously I am getting in a better shape compared to before.
  6. I only finished reading one book. LOL

In 2016, I don’t want to set a list of new year resolution, I just want to feel truly happy of what I’m doing and I’m going to be a person full of positive energy and of course, try to fulfill last year’s resolution which I had not achieved yet.

Happy 2016 everyone!

P/ S: Wrote this post at Senai International Airport, Johor Bahru while waiting my flight back to Kuching. Yes, I spent my new year eve at Yogyakarta, Indonesia with my love ones. Flight has been delayed for 2 hours, hence.. wrote this “new year post” while waiting for my flight to go home. I miss home.


Happy 2015!

Time flies, but the memories collected along the way can never be replaced. 2014 seems to be just like yesterday and now it’s already 2015! It also marks the 8th years anniversary for this blog. I used to be an active blogger and sort of “abandoned” it for quite some time due to busy schedules, to be more precise – way too much excuses to hold on to my dream (of being a full time blogger).

Many things happened in year 2014, good and bad, most importantly 2 important events that totally changed my life: getting married and starting an affair with Zumba Fitness.

Sunflower Garden @ Singapore Changi Airport
Sunflower Garden @ Singapore Changi Airport

It’s a brand new year to start a “new life” for the coming year, and I do hope this coming new year will blossom gracefully like the sunflowers.

Every year I will set a list of “new year resolutions” and check if I have accomplished any of them to make it a fruitful year… Continue reading Happy 2015!

A New Journey: Tying The Knot

Valentine’s Day eve was the very day we changed our status from single to married, lawfully and officially, as scheduled in January.

The day before, we did some last minute shopping to get all the raw materials for doing the “Just Married” board. Special thanks to Cherry for the design and everything.

The making of wedding poster

And also, thanks Mika for the help with all the little things and also for becoming our photographer that day. Continue reading A New Journey: Tying The Knot

The Unexpected Journey

It was a fine Saturday, when both of us were enjoying our day off and went shopping for some proper formal outfit. That evening, we were invited to Dad’s early birthday celebration. A crazy idea just came in and we have decided to take this opportunity to ask for permission / approval on our marriage.  He (referred as Orange) said why not just wear the newly bought outfit and proposed to Dad..and that’s the beginning of this unexpected journey…

This is the very first time I see Orange in such fine garment, looking real good! Continue reading The Unexpected Journey

Reunion Dinner | Happy Dragon Year 2012

Reunion dinner during Chinese new year eve is a very important event for the Chinese. This year, to welcome the Dragon year, my family and I went to a Chinese restaurant to have our reunion dinner one day before new year eve. We had our dinner at Yun Yan Restaurant.

During Chinese new year, this dish is always served as an opening and it is an essential dish to have – Yee Sang.

Everyone used chopstick to mix the yee sang and wish everyone a prosperous new year. Continue reading Reunion Dinner | Happy Dragon Year 2012