Teriyaki Chicken

Cooking has always been my passion. Since last June, I started to prepare most of my meals for lunch for several reasons:

  • Changing lifestyle of eating healthier food.
  • Lunch time will be hassle free as lunch has been prepared.
  • Cost saving.
  • I love to cook, anyway!

In my eat clean journey, my main food is skinless chicken breast. Eating boiled / steamed chicken breast all the way is definitely bored. I don’t want a plain and dull diet, what I want is a delicious and healthier eating lifestyle.

Often I get questions on how do I marinade the chicken for my homecook meals. Since I’m trying to promote eating clean, therefore the ingredients I used are really simple – Kikkoman’s Teriyaki Marinade sauce. I’m using the “Honey & Soy” flavor. Continue reading “Teriyaki Chicken”

Make Your Own Sushi

Sushi, one of my favorite food. However, it can be considered a luxurious meal if we were to dine outside some sushi restaurants. How about making your own sushi at home?? Although it may not be as perfect as those professionals, yet we still can make some almost-taste-like-pro-sushis, if we can get the correct ingredients with some experiences and practices.Today, I’m gonna share how I made my own sushi. This is neither the best tutorial nor the only way to make your own sushi at home. Continue reading “Make Your Own Sushi”