MSN Messenger Virus!

Virus has revisited MSN or Windows Live Messenger. Watch out, all MSN or Windows Live Messenger users!! This morning right after I read a new blog entry “Live Messenger Virus: look at my summer pictures” in, I received similar suspicious files from one of my friends in my contact list. This time, it was not sent together with any messages, just a file waiting for me to receive. It’s a zip file named Few minutes later, another file was automatically sent to me by the name of Of course, I just declined it and asked my friend about it. She said she got this virus and didn’t know how to solve it. So I suggested a link which was posted in Liew’s blog. Hope she can follow the instructions and solve this virus problem. (Yea, for more details and removal instructions, please refer to LiewCF’s post.) Continue reading “MSN Messenger Virus!”

Notebook with Floppy Drive

This morning, my colleague brought her laptop to me and asked me to help install Microsoft Excel. Okay, as promised previously, I helped her. When I unzipped the laptop bag, I go wow!? or WTF? A FLOPPY DIRVE?! It’s an Acer TravelMate model laptop and definitely a very old one. I couldn’t remember the model, I think it’s 5**T series. With Windows XP as its operation system, it really took some time for it to login the Windows’ desktop. At the back of the laptop, I observed a Windows ME sticker, so my assumption is, it was running on Windows ME and now installed with Windows XP.

Very small and sempit (narrow) screen. It was too lag and when I got to the desktop, all I saw was only a desktop wallpaper without any desktop icons, the Start menu is not showing up either (no matter how hard you try to press the start key on your keyboard) Because the laptop was password protected, and I didn’t want to walk around to call my colleague (this is her personal stuff, not for the company sack), so I didn’t restart the laptop and continued installing MS Excel using the “New Task” browse and run method from the Task Manager. But later when I restarted the laptop (password was given to me this time), the desktop was back to normal..and I just shut down the laptop, forget to check how much RAM it has.
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Installing Ubuntu Linux

I thought I was gonna write something about installing Ubuntu earlier. Even the Ubuntu free CD is already received, think I should at least say something about installing Ubuntu. I’ve been searching for tutorial on installing Ubuntu before I started installing it to my desktop computer. Detailed tutorials sometimes just make things more complicated. So, I just follow the instructions available when running the Ubuntu CD (I downloaded the image and burnt it to CD) – and it’s actually very easy, just like how you install an application in Windows.

But before installing Ubuntu, we should know the requirements, although it can be supported by almost every system, even older systems.

Minimum Hardware Requirements
– 700 MHz or better processor
– 256MB of memory
– CD-ROM drive
– Ethernet interface
– VGA graphics interface
– 3GB of available disk space

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Ubuntu 7.04 CD Received

Ubuntu Received

Earlier end of last month, I mentioned about ordering a free Ubuntu Linux CD. And today I finally received it. ^^ Happy!! This time is a newer and for the mean time the latest version of Ubuntu Linux (version 7.04, unlike the one I downloaded earlier which is version 6.06) Since I already installed Ubuntu Linux 6.06 to my PC, I will make this CD one of my collections.

Ubuntu Received

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Make Windows XP looks like Ubuntu Linux

Recently, I’m crazy of Ubuntu Linux – although I haven’t successfully install it to my computer. Then, I was thinking, how about changing the look of my Windows XP desktop to look like a Ubuntu Linux’s desktop? Because what I like most about Ubuntu Linux, is its interface! Google a while, and I found a tutorial from Manas’ blog. A very well-done tutorial is written there.

I am not going to show the tutorial here, as you can find the complete and updated tutorial from the original author (click here) All credits go to the person who created all the lovely styles and of course the author of the tutorial.

This is what my desktop looks like now, after the customization:
My orange desktop with big big icons <3
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Ubuntu Linux: What & Why?

Previously, I’ve said that I wanted to learn Ubuntu Linux. I’m totally a newbie with Linux operating system. Therefore, I think it is important for me to start from the very beginning with the question ‘What’ and ‘Why’. So, I will blog along my way during the process of learning Ubuntu.

After reading a few articles available from the net, I came up with a conclusion for beginners like me. Before we look into Ubuntu, there are 3 keywords we need to know: GNU, Debian and Gnome.

GNU – Computer operating system composed entirely of free software. Linux is developed based on the GNU Project, thus, it is also known as GNU/Linux. Continue reading “Ubuntu Linux: What & Why?”