Honeymoon Trip

It was before the Christmas season, we went for our honeymoon trip to Hong Kong, Macau, Zhu Hai, Shen Zhen and lastly Guang Zhou. It was mainly a trip to southern mainland China.

River cruise @ Dreamland Zhujiang, GuangZhou
River cruise @ Dreamland Zhujiang, GuangZhou

It was an eye-opening trip with some culture shock, especially for Orange, as it was his first visit to China.

It’s a beautiful sight seeing spot to watch the buildings in colorful lights along the river. The weather was freezing cold, especially standing on the deck to take photos, while letting the cold, dry wind hit against our faces.

More stories about my honeymoon trip to be shared in future posts. Stay tune!

Day 3 Food: KL Trip

During the third day, we traveled to Petaling Jaya (PJ) to meet up with our friend. He brought us to a very special place to have breakfast.  I don’t know where is that place located. It’s somewhere near housing estate at PJ area.  I had a bowl of Pan Min (板面), it’s a type of flat rice noodle. Unique and delicious. This is something I never ate before back in Kuching. The texture and taste is something different from ordinary rice noodle.

Pan Mee @ PJ

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Day 1 Food: KL Trip

FOOD HUNT! The most essential event during any trip! During our KL trip on last May, we had enjoyed ourselves with marvelous food. I have to split up the post to show you all what we had eaten!

Right after we arrived at our hotel, we rest for a little while and our friend came to pick us. The first stop was to Berjaya Times Square. We saw Subway! But we skipped it for the first day. Our very first meal in KL is at Uncle Duck Hong Kong Restaurant 得哥香港火锅餐厅.

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Getaway to Kuala Lumpur

Excited, we were. This is the first time for us to travel together in almost 6 years time. The excited journey started on 9th May 2012. Both of us took leave (which is a very rare case for both of us) just to have a getaway from work.

We took the earliest flight available. We arrived at the airport around 5am in the morning. We chose to fly with AirAsia. The tickets were actually booked 3 months ago during the promo period. Continue reading “Getaway to Kuala Lumpur”

A Little More of Boulevard

Last Sunday, went to Boulevard with Cherry and friend. In fact, we went there just because Cherry wanted to buy a pair of new sandals. You have seen Boulevard in Christmas decoration. Now, let me present to you – Boulevard in Chinese New Year decoration.

Boulevard Kuching
Main Entrance

There’s a long white Chinese dragon in the middle of the mall but I didn’t manage to take a picture of it. Continue reading “A Little More of Boulevard”

The Spring

One week ago, it was not ready yet. On the 10th this month, it had open to public. Yesterday evening after work, Orange and I decided to visit The Spring!! The day was still young, so the traffic was not terrible. However, we parked our car opposite The Spring, just in case…

The Spring banner

The Spring is beautiful as well. For those of you who miss Kuching or decide to come to Kuching, you should really check out the photos in this post! Continue reading “The Spring”

Catching Up: The Spring

Somehow regretted I didn’t take any pictures to produce a “before and after” effect. Was not into blogging back then. I’m talking about the going-to-be-open-really-soon new shopping mall in Kuching, called The Spring. Right after the “rush opening” of Boulevard Kuching, The Spring is catching up. According to headsteadi, The Spring was expected to be ready in November 2007, however, it didn’t!

The Spring Kuching
I was taking this picture while I was driving – dangerous act, please don’t follow. By that time, “The Spring” sign is not up yet. And don’t mind the reflection of the “dog”.

It’s year 2008 now. 10th January 2008 will be the grand opening of The Spring. 10th is a public holiday in Malaysia, guess by that day, it will be super duper crowded around that area – Simpang Tiga. (By the way, no holiday for my company. I will be working on the 10th) Continue reading “Catching Up: The Spring”