Level 23!!

An aura suddenly appeared around me, oh yes!!!! I finally up 1 level!! That makes me level 23. Wow, what a hard-to-gain experience. It takes 365 days to up 1 level – approximately 3~4 days to up 1% out of 100% experiences. So, a celebration for this special day is better than anything. It will be just an ordinary day like any other days if my Orange never walked into my life. He made my life fill with different colors, and still filling with lots of love. Life is something different since then. And for the celebration of my level up, he bought me some goodies. I said I hadn’t eaten cake for a long time, he bought me a cake. He knows I love Kuma-Kuma (the cute green turtle), he bought another 2 more baby Kumas for me. He has become my everything. ^^ I’m so addicted to him.

As for others, they sent their regards via different media – MSN messenger, forum, blog, Friendster, SMS, presents, cards… Flattered… Continue reading “Level 23!!”