My New Baby: Canon G11

This coming 31st, my new baby will be 2 months old! Can you imagine how “busy” and “lazy” I was to blog about anything?! Felt so sorry for myself for not blogging for such a long time. I don’t care if there’s any readers around reading this blog (I know there are few loyal readers who are anticipating new posts from me – thanks ^_^ ), I just wanna blog about it and keep it as a record for future reference.

I had been dreaming to get a G11 for months!! Why G11? Perhaps you can read a review from Digital Photography School.

Dad even offered to get me a G11 for my birthday gift. But I turned the offer down, just because I felt kinda bad if Dad were to get such an expensive gift for me. But, Orange somehow gave me a surprise on 31st of August 2010. Continue reading “My New Baby: Canon G11”