My New Baby: Canon G11

This coming 31st, my new baby will be 2 months old! Can you imagine how “busy” and “lazy” I was to blog about anything?! Felt so sorry for myself for not blogging for such a long time. I don’t care if there’s any readers around reading this blog (I know there are few loyal readers who are anticipating new posts from me – thanks ^_^ ), I just wanna blog about it and keep it as a record for future reference.

I had been dreaming to get a G11 for months!! Why G11? Perhaps you can read a review from Digital Photography School.

Dad even offered to get me a G11 for my birthday gift. But I turned the offer down, just because I felt kinda bad if Dad were to get such an expensive gift for me. But, Orange somehow gave me a surprise on 31st of August 2010. Continue reading My New Baby: Canon G11

The Greatest Christmas Gift

For the first time, I bought myself a Christmas gift. It is also the most expensive thing that I ever bought for myself, or anyone else. I just can’t believe that I fulfill one of my Christmas Wishlist, although it’s not as high as 12.1 megapixels. It’s still the greatest gift.

Sony! After all these while, I’ve chosen Sony to fulfill my desire. Continue reading The Greatest Christmas Gift