Day 3 Food: KL Trip

During the third day, we traveled to Petaling Jaya (PJ) to meet up with our friend. He brought us to a very special place to have breakfast.  I don’t know where is that place located. It’s somewhere near housing estate at PJ area.  I had a bowl of Pan Min (板面), it’s a type of flat rice noodle. Unique and delicious. This is something I never ate before back in Kuching. The texture and taste is something different from ordinary rice noodle.

Pan Mee @ PJ

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Day 1 Food: KL Trip

FOOD HUNT! The most essential event during any trip! During our KL trip on last May, we had enjoyed ourselves with marvelous food. I have to split up the post to show you all what we had eaten!

Right after we arrived at our hotel, we rest for a little while and our friend came to pick us. The first stop was to Berjaya Times Square. We saw Subway! But we skipped it for the first day. Our very first meal in KL is at Uncle Duck Hong Kong Restaurant 得哥香港火锅餐厅.

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Kuching Festival 2008

After changing to a new job, my life style is once again screwed up. August also means a festive month for Malaysians. The Chinese Ghost festival, the National Day and not to forget our Kuching festival which is held every end of July to mid August yearly. I still managed to go to the Kuching food fair few weeks ago with Orange, Cherry, Cheese and Leechien. But couldn’t enjoy as much as last year’s.

This is the main entrance, not much changes like previous years.

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Food Paradise

Kuching is no doubt a food paradise. If you want to have a mouthful of delicious food yet cheap in price, forget about expensive restaurants, forget about Food Bazaar. It’s just few miles away from the city center. This place is a commercial area located in Jalan Song, just opposite the Taman Sahabat (park, 马中公园).

It’s a nice place for a delicious and cheap dinner. You can choose what food you want from many different food stalls.

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Isabella’s Cafe

Yesterday after digging the archives about local food from Jimmy’s blog, I decided to go to one of the cafe that he had mentioned. So me and Orange went to this place for our dinner. It’s the Isabella’s Cafe, a cafe located quite near to my house. I’ve seen this cafe before and even heard of friend mentioning about it. And because I saw very beautiful pictures from Jimmy’s blog, I just can’t wait to go visit this cafe myself. This cafe looks very simple from the outside. There’s chairs all around and a see-saw, not really attractive from the outside.

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